Help Your Child Learn and Grow

Sign them up for toddler care in West Olive, MI

Does it feel like your toddler is growing so much every day? Roundabouts Playschool, LLC in West Olive, MI has a well-rounded toddler care program designed to help your child as they develop socially and emotionally.

Your child will learn how to:

  • Respect themselves, others and their environment
  • Share their feelings and communicate with others
  • Care for themselves, like putting on their jacket and shoes
We also encourage kids to think for themselves and express their creativity throughout the day. If you're looking for toddler day care services, reach out to us today.

What does a typical day look like?

What does a typical day look like?

Let's face it - at two or three years old, your child wants to have fun. That's why we implement a loose toddler care schedule that includes:

  • A morning meeting
  • A quick review of the choices they made so far
  • Lunchtime
  • Naptime
  • Activities, like coloring, writing and clapping, that improve motor skills
  • Snacktime
  • Outdoor playtime that can include running, kicking and rolling balls
Your child will have fun while developing important life skills. Schedule a tour of our toddler day care center today.